Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
A fecal sample can be stored up to 15 days (upright) at room temperature.
Two grams (equal to two cones of solid stool or six spoons of loose stool) is needed to conduct the test.
Please follow your local and state regulations.
PARATEST® has shown equivalency in the fixing of common helminths, protozoa, and flukes. Other highlights include: no centrifugation required, 15-minute processing time, and a completely self-contained system.
It is recommended to always read the first drop. For confirmation, the second drop can also be read.
Instructions for use can be found on clicking here.
The vial is specifically designed for use with the ECO Greenfix® fixative solution.
Never reuse the PARATEST® vial.
No, the ECO Greenfix® fixative solution is not suitable for fecal occult blood analysis.