How to Use
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In-Lab Instructions for Use

Sample Collection
  • Add sample (approximately 2 grams) to PARATEST® bottle using collection scoop (2 cones of solid stool or 6 spoons of liquid stool).
  • Use pin at bottom of vial to scrape away stool from cone.
  • Sample may be stored up to 15 days prior to processing.

Sample Processing
  • Ensure lid and green cap are secure.
  • Shake to homogenize the sample (solid stool should be completely broken up to create a uniform mixture).
  • Tap down bottle several times to clear lid of liquid.
  • Remove green cap.

The SIR Technique

Squeeze bottle to release gases and continue to hold.

Invert bottle so the cone end faces down.

Release the pressure on bottle to create a vacuum as it's placed in tray.

  • Let bottle sit inverted for 15 minutes.
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  • No centrifugation is needed.

  • Lift vial from tray (do not turn vial upright).
  • Discard one drop from bottle and dispense the next drop on a clean slide.
  • A drop of Lugol's may be used on the slide to enhance the contrast.
  • Finish with a coverslip and the sample is ready for analysis!