We love that Paratest is self-contained and easy to use. It keeps our work station mess-free and it is easier to read than the fecal flotations.

- Pam Monroe, CVT

We used to do fecal flotations before and rarely found protozoa. Now, with Paratest, we are comfortable finding giardia and cryptosporidium, and are finding it more than ever before. It really helps with the diagnosis of our diarrhea patients. When it comes to giardia in dogs, it has just been wonderful.

- Cathy Clemence, DVM Russell and District Veterinary Clinic

We’ve been using Paratest for two years and love how simple and effective it is. Because of the 15-day morphology stability, samples can be prepped on a Friday and read on a Monday. And when we need a quick result, the ability to prepare, read, and prescribe medication in 15 minutes is a real benefit to our clients.

- Tova Bopp, RVT, Mt. Airy Animal Hospital, Mt. Airy, MD

Paratest with ECO Greenfix is a major advance in parasitological testing and diagnosis for companion animals. In addition to being highly effective, the system’s self-contained format offers safety and non-toxic benefits for vets and technicians.

- Dr. Andy Alhassan, DMV, Ph.D.